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Working in Extreme Temperatures

Mongolia is a country with temperature extremes (from -30 °C in mid-winter to +30 °C at the height of summer).

Service Container for Extreme Temperatures

Each extreme brings its own risk for those working in the country’s CBM industry (and other industries): cold enough to freeze equipment and pipes thus making it difficult to operate machinery in the heart of winter, and hot and dry during the summer months with the potential to cause dehydration and heatstroke to people working in the field, to name but a few of the potential risks encountered throughout the year.


To try and mitigate these and other issues encountered when working in Mongolia’s CBM industry, the team at Excelsior Energy is making the most of the current winter shut down of field operations. Equipment and vehicles have been returned to the workshop in Ulaanbaatar to undergo extensive maintenance and service in preparation of what’s looking to be another busy year. 

Service Container for Extreme Temperatures

In addition to prepping existing equipment, we are also putting the finishing touches on our new, fully self-contained service container. With its own onboard generator, tools and heating, this unit is set to extend our operational capability by being able to provide our customers with near year ‘round service opportunities.


We are also fitting out our UB workshop with new service bays and racks and have completed the annual inventory counts to ensure additional equipment orders have been placed in preparation of the 2024 contracts.


We are ready to meet the challenges of Mongolia’s growing CBM Industry!

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