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Who we are

We are a consulting company with a strong focus on the alternative, emerging and transitional energy markets and mining and construction industries.

When first starting operations in Australia in October 2020, our main focus was on the development and manufacturing of custom tooling to suit niche applications in the energy sector.

Since then, the company has expanded its portfolio and reach to include an extensive suite of products and services alongside its tool development and global supply chain divisions.

We have established a strong position in emerging exploration and development operations in Mongolia, as well as providing dedicated rock testing options for the construction industry.

Excelsior Energy prides itself on being able to provide turnkey project management services through its extensive supply chain network and pool of experienced staff.

Our worldwide customers are currently serviced from the company’s registered offices in Brisbane, Australia, and Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.

Our people

What we do

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What we do

What we do

With a robust process driven project management methodology, we pride ourselves on offering our clients turnkey solutions, including:

  • General Services: Project Management, Supply Chain Management

  • Product Development: Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Drafting, 3D Prototype Printing

  • Oil & Gas: Well Engineering, Permeability Testing, Stimulation Testing, Wellsite Representatives

  • Coal Mining: Water Drainage Testing, Methane Emissions Testing, Groundwater Testing

  • Hard Rock/Mineral Mining: Rock Stress Testing, Caprock Integrity Testing, Hydraulic Pre-Conditioning, Rock Burst Mitigation

  • Leech Mining: Hydraulic Formation Pre-Conditioning, Propagation & Fall Off Testing

  • Water Reservoirs: Production Testing, Pump Sizing, Dam Wall Stress Testing

  • Construction: Rock Stress Testing (Foundation Rock Testing)

Our core values

Honesty & Transparency

What we think and  what we say is what we mean and what we do. We will always provide authentic feedback in all our engagements with all our stakeholders.


Every job we perform, we perform with the utmost diligence. Internally, we employ a very rigorous quality assurance methodology by verifying our work in multiple independent steps. Moreover, we expect our suppliers and partners to do the same.



Reliability, adaptability and loyalty to our clients and suppliers is our main driver. Exhibiting exceptional work ethic to our customers and suppliers means everything to us.

Representation of core values

Our partners

We are proud to supply our customers with quality driven services and products to continue to reshape the energy industry while managing tomorrow's energy projects.

Well Test Analysis Logo

Well Test Analysis & Engineering (WTA)

Through our partner WTA, we offer Well Test Interpretation and Reservoir Engineering services. Collaboratively, we design well and campaign specific test parameters to suit the well conditions and test objectives, and provide complete interpretation reports. Where required, WTA can further evaluate the results to produce reservoir models for short and long-term forecasting.

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