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Checklists for Improved Operational Safety

Step 7 Safe Work Process checklist

Using “cheat sheets” and other checklists is common practice in the Oil & Gas industry in countries across the world. However, in places where this industry is not yet quite as well established or developed, these reference documents are not that readily available.

For us at Excelsior Energy safety is paramount. That is why we have developed a number of comprehensive checklists and reference documents for our field staff, ensuring safe, smooth and environmentally responsible operations.

With our intimate understanding and knowledge of how to run a safe operation, from start to finish, we thought we’d share our Step 7 Safe Work Process safety card with you (refer to the attached documents for either an English or Mongolian version).

This particular “system” was originally introduced by Shell in Australia (QGC) and has paid significant dividends to all companies that have adopted this system.

If you would like to learn more about the processes we adopt in our operations and have us help educate your people, contact us on

Step 7 Safe Work Process Card MON & ENG Version
Download PDF • 261KB

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