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Intensive Training Program for Mongolian Staff

With massive support and assistance from our strategic business partner Vital Fluid Systems (VFS), 2 of our Mongolian staff have been undergoing an intensive training program in Australia since the middle of January 2024.

Mungun (front) and Tegshee in the VFS workshop

During their time here Battegshbuyan B (Tegshee) and Mungun Erdene were exposed to a wide range of CBM related aspects of operations, workshop and project management.


They have now acquired additional skills to, fully autonomously, assemble, service and operate downhole tools. At the same time, they have also developed vital fault finding and trouble shooting skills while under the guidance and mentorship of experienced Australian Oil & Gas workers.


Being afforded an opportunity such as this does not only benefit the individuals receiving the training, it should also greatly benefit Mongolia’s CBM industry which can now boast 2 more people with the knowledge needed to safely help grow the country’s growing energy industry.


On behalf of Excelsior Energy’s management and Tegshee and Mungun, we would like to say "Thank You!" to Remzi Kaya, Joe Chu and everybody at VFS who was involved with the training of our people.

We hope Tegshee and Mungun enjoyed their time in Australia, which consisted of a lot of work and (fortunately) some play 😊, and look forward to them being able to help grow our Mongolian operation.

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