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Designing Solutions

What do you do when you just can’t find the right storage solution for your tools and spare parts? Simple! You design the solution you need and build it. Sometimes the simplest ideas can have the biggest impact on efficiency, quality and safety.

When we were looking for a suitable racking solution for our various sized tools and spares, we couldn’t find one that ticket off all our boxes. So, our engineering team stuck their heads together and designed what we needed, compiled drawings, weld maps and Bill of Materials (BOM), in one afternoon, after which our Operations staff got to work building the first prototype, which was completed in less than a week.

Not only does this rack have adjustable arms to suit all the various sizes of tools and spares, but it is well engineered to handle the weight safely and be durable. Yet another accomplishment our Operations staff is proud off, making their workshop safer, more efficient and ensuring the quality and long-life of our tools.

If you need one of these racks or an engineered solution for your Well Construction, Completion or Workshop, be sure to reach out to our team on

Having great ideas is one thing, but being able to competently and safely execute those ideas is an entirely different matter!


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