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The Importance of Knowledge and Skills Transfer

Since mid-2022, Glenn Babyak has been supporting Excelsior Energy’s international field operations, in particular those in Mongolia and Australia.

Glenn has over 25 years’ experience in DST, Well Test and #Drilling operations. With his extensive industry knowledge and expertise, Glenn can be relied upon to not only supervise the field crews, but to also train and mentor local new recruits, and less experienced field hands.

This vital skill, combined with Glenn’s Canadian origins (think cold, harsh winter-working conditions in the Oil & Gas industry), makes him particularly suited to take the lead when working with our young Mongolian field crews.

For Mongolia, with its relatively recent diversification into the CBM industry, it is important that the (often foreign) companies and senior staff who provide the initial knowhow and manpower, take an active lead in knowledge and skills transfer. This will help ensure that the country can provide the required local, skilled staff, while expanding this industry and growing its economy.

Thank you Glenn for your commitment to our company and your support of our Mongolian operation.

Drilling rig in snowy fields

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