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The Benefits of Developing a CBM Industry in Mongolia

Summarising our initial series of #CBM Infographics of the past 4 weeks, we hope to have shown that, given #Mongolia’s considerable CBM resources, this industry could provide the country with significant inroads into energy independence. Not only that, but it could also play a key role in the #EnergyTransition that will help to appreciably improve the air quality of, in particular, the country’s capital city, Ulaanbaatar.

Workers at Gas Installation

With the additional major benefits of job creation, skills and knowledge development of the local workforce and overall economic growth adding to the equation, Mongolia as a whole stands to greatly benefit from the development of the CBM Industry.

We still face a number of hurdles and challenges, but with the support of federal and local government and both local and international companies investing in people and assets, this rapidly growing industry has great potential for Mongolia.

Excelsior Energy will shortly be forced to suspend most Mongolian field operations due to the approaching winter season. However, this is a perfect time for us to also invest in our own future in the industry, with significant works planned on our internal systems and overseas training of our Mongolian field staff through our Australian entity.

If you want to find out more about working in this exciting industry, reach out to one of our team to have a chat by contacting us on

We are looking forward to exciting times ahead!

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