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Natural Resources in Mongolia

With the collision of ancient continents millions of years ago, mountain ranges in Asia, including Mongolia, were pushed up. In addition to these tectonic movements, volcanic activity throughout Mongolia’s history further enriched the land with various minerals and elements. Due to the country’s dry climate, these fossils and other natural resources were largely preserved over time. (

Geological map of Mongolia

Historically, the country’s relatively low population density has meant that its natural resources have, to date, not been heavily exploited, leaving many deposits largely untouched.

With more and more countries looking at becoming self-reliant for their energy and other resources needs, Mongolia too is aiming to achieve greater energy independence. Supported by the Mongolian government the 2024 CBM exploration and drilling season is expected to start up again during the country's warmer spring and summer months and is sure to result in more interesting discoveries.

We are currently making final preparations to ensure our people and equipment are ready to be deployed across the country again to pick up where we left off before the winter shutdown.

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