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Mongolia's CBM Ambitions

With Mongolia’s push for energy independence and the CBM industry seen as a major contributor to achieving that goal, we agree with industry experts in believing the country could start to realise its ambitions in 2024 through:

  • Increased production: CBM production is expected to increase in 2024. This will be driven by the expansion of existing CBM projects and the development of new projects.

  • New infrastructure: New infrastructure, such as pipelines and gas processing plants, will be built to support the growth of the CBM industry. This will help to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of CBM production.

  • Increased investment: Foreign investment in the Mongolian CBM industry is expected to increase in 2024. This will help to finance the development of new projects and the expansion of existing ones.

The Mongolian CBM industry is a promising sector with the potential to play a significant role in the country's further economic and overall development. The continued growth of the industry in 2024 will provide significant benefits to Mongolia, including job creation, economic growth, and energy security.

We at Excelsior Energy have aligned our ambitions with those of our customers and are ready to provide support where needed by introducing new technologies and products to the country.

Energy resource development map Mongolia

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