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Different Communication and Business Styles

Excelsior Energy has offices in Australia and Mongolia and how we do business in these countries is quite different. It is important that our personnel and stakeholders appreciate and understand that these differences are deeply rooted in each country’s history and culture and try to remain respectful of the resulting specific ways in which people communicate and do business.

Although at times experienced as challenging, the different communication and business styles have more to overcome than merely a potential language barrier. Being able to navigate the maze that is doing business in a different country means being able to:

  • Remain patient and understanding; things may not always happen as quickly or efficiently as you’re used to.

  • Be flexible and adaptable; things may frequently change and plans need to be adjusted accordingly.

  • Be respectful of the cultural differences; people may not respond the same during typical interactions.

Group of ethnically different people

At Excelsior Energy we strongly believe that our differences make for a more interesting mix. Irrespective of gender, religion, ethnic or other distinguishing characteristic, everybody has a contribution to make.

Under the guidance of our senior management team of Mandukhai Nanzad and Michael Siefert, both of whom with a foot in different cultures and from very different backgrounds, we continue to successfully navigate the business environment in the countries we operate in.

To make for a balanced business environment we encourage our staff to learn more about the culture and history of their international colleagues and contacts, and we hope our stakeholders do the same.

Educating ourselves about what makes a people and their country tick is sure to make for easier, more pleasant and less frustrating business dealings all around.

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