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Creating a Safety Culture in Mongolia

During the recent well completions and production campaign for one of our customers in #Mongolia, we were able to introduce some valuable #HSE initiatives and learnings to the field staff on site.

Safety helmets (hard hats)

One of the initiatives implemented included #RiskAssessment during a task planning phase, with all onsite staff attending and actively contributing. Also, with all onsite staff present, Daily Morning Meetings were conducted with a strong focus on tasks, risks and preventative actions. Additionally, during After Action Reviews (AAR) taking place in the evenings, daily learnings were captured to encourage staff to think about their tasks.

Other positive initiatives implemented included the Buddy-Up system, where personnel watch out for each other, ensuring the #safety of all staff onsite and reminding each other of the various safety initiatives instigated. Daily Reports highlighted important safety messages directly relating to the upcoming activities, and HazOb notifications were actively used resulting in swift remediations.

All of these initiatives have already led to a considerably improved #SafetyCulture onsite.

The inherent potential risks involved with CBM operations can only be suitably mitigated by ensuring that the safety culture adopted by all operating companies in Mongolia is:

  1. Suitable for local norms and culture (to encourage and speed up acceptance)

  2. Universally accepted and adhered to by all involved (both companies & individuals should lead by example)

  3. Clearly documented in Safety Management Systems (for consistency throughout)

  4. Under constant review and scrutiny (to ensure continuous improvement)

By ensuring safety is a part of every employee’s daily approach to work, Mongolia’s #CBM industry will be able to avoid incidents similar to those experienced elsewhere. This will ensure not only recognition of the need for safety at all levels of the organisation, it will also help establish the industry’s reputation as a green and safe energy option.

#Thanks to all on site for looking out for each other and keeping the operation a safe one!

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