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CBM Infographic Series - Issue 4

If you’ve been following us on LinkedIn recently, you will have noticed our infographic series on the #CBM industry. (Check out our previous posts to complete your infographic series).

CBM Infographic Series - Issue 4; introduction well drilling

In today’s edition, the final infographic of this initial series, we explain what it takes to drill a well and talk about some of the well components.

Knowing when to engage the services of specialists such as Excelsior Energy, especially during the drilling phase of a production well, will greatly benefit the drilling process and can potentially save the Operator companies significant time and money. Our specialists can advise on a wide range of issues, including #WellDesign, test programs and all manner of site related topics.

Excelsior Energy’s experts are ready to answer your questions about the CBM industry (in particular in #Mongolia), so be sure to contact us on or simply give us a call on +61 (0)491 007 681.

CBM Infographic AU - 4
Download PDF • 353KB


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