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CBM Infographic Series - Issue 2

In the 2nd infographic of our CBM series we explain how this natural gas was formed over millions of years.

CBM Infographic - Layman's Terms Explainer Coalbed Methane CH4

Although considered a non-renewable source of energy, CBM trapped in coal deposits is widely regarded as a transitional fuel in the push for green(er) energy.

With CBM reserves found all over the world, and in apparent abundance in Mongolia, tapping into this cleaner energy source is sure to benefit Mongolia’s economy and increase its energy independence, to name but a few of the rewards.

In our next (3rd) infographic in this series we will discuss the various stages of a CBM project before the resource can be confirmed as worthy of exploration and thus a viable energy supply, so be sure to follow us.

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CBM Infographic AU - 2
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