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1st Jobs using all Mongolian DST Crew

With only remote support from Excelsior Energy’s DST Supervisors back in Australia, our DST crews in Mongolia recently performed simultaneous, around the clock operations on two separate rigs.

Using our rapid deployment DST kit, which can be mobilised to every corner of Mongolia within 48 hrs notice, the all Mongolian DST crews managed to perform the operation on both wells.

Rapid Deployment DST Kit
Excelsior Energy rapid deployment DST kit on route

Our robust and proven DST kit design can service a multitude of test objectives and configurations. Each kit is accompanied by an all Mongolian trained and skilled crew of two Operators, covering 24 hr operations.

We continue to invest in local talent and equipment to expand our service portfolio and are looking forward to sending our crews out on their next job, wherever that may be.

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