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Elixir Energy Nomgon IX Project Update

Elixir Energy, one of Excelsior Energy's clients, continues to make significant headway with its CBM exploration in Mongolia.

The company’s recent ASX Announcement shows Mongolia’s potential for further significant finds of this unconventional resource (read the attached document).

If the discoveries made to date continue, Mongolia will be well on its way to #EnergyIndependence and the ability to provide its population, and the world, with cleaner energy sources (click here read more about Mongolia’s issues with poor air quality in a previous article on the subject).

We, at Excelsior Energy, are eagerly following Elixir’s journey and look forward to being able to provide continued support to the Mongolian operation throughout 2023.

Nomgon Project scaling map

2023-Jan Elixir ASX Announcment
Download PDF • 418KB


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