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More CSG (CBM) Success in Mongolia

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

The company responsible for #Mongolia’s first gas discovery in 2020, Elixir Energy Ltd, released some exciting news about their Nomgon development.

Map of Nomgon project
(image from Elixir Energy website)

In its recent #ASX Announcement (see document attached below), Elixir stated that following the successful #drilling operations of the Nomgon pilot wells, installation of all pumping related surface and subsurface facilities has now been completed and that gas breakthrough had already occurred.

We at Excelsior Energy are thrilled about the progress made on this project and congratulate Elixir on the success to date.

For a #startup company such as Excelsior Energy, it is exciting to be closely involved with the development of new CSG (CBM) discoveries that will help the world transition from coal to a cleaner energy source.

We look forward to further developments on the Nomgon #project!

2022-Nov Elixir ASX Announcment
Download PDF • 305KB

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