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Educating Field Staff

As a startup service provider to Mongolia’s up-and-coming CBM Industry, we at Excelsior Energy are cognisant of the fact that we have to educate our field staff in all the ins and outs of operating in this industry new to Mongolia.

Although operations for our local clients are nothing short of exciting, with new discoveries being made on a near daily basis, our ability to train our staff locally in all aspects of the operation are limited. However, we need to gear up now and ensure our people are ready for the more complex operations that are to follow, in order to be able to meet our clients’ needs of the not-so-distant future.

Field Operator on location in Mongolia

We have therefore embarked on the journey of applying for temporary work visas for Australia for two of our field staff so they can come to one of the globally more mature CBM industries to learn best industry practices and processes.

As in most countries with a CBM industry, finding suitable training opportunities for our people is proving to be a challenge, not in the least due to the unpredictability of our local Operators’ schedules. Although we could fill our guys’ time with classroom-based training, nothing beats hands-on experience gained while working with someone “who’s done and seen it all before”.

Although we have identified a number of training opportunities, we hope to be able to fill our guys’ Australian calendar with more diverse placements with other Service providers and Operators.

We aim to be able to help Mongolia build its CBM sector but this can only happen if we, as an industry, come together to provide the training and upskilling needed to support the country’s own workforce and make that all important knowledge transfer happen.

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