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Improving Driving Safety in Mongolia

The riskiest part of most jobs is the journey to and from work location. In #Mongolia, this is especially true with 21.2 lives lost per 100,000 population due to traffic-related accidents (as per figures published by the World Health Organization and last updated in February 2021).

Vehicles crashed in road accident
Road accident statistics need improvement worldwide

By comparison, in that same year, Australia had 4.36 lives lost per 100,000 population in traffic related accidents according to the Department of Road Transport. Both countries have vast remote road networks and communities that require long distance travel in sometimes poor road conditions, adverse weather and with fatigue though extended travel.

Similar sad statistics across the world could generally be attributed to a number of factors, including unsafe driving practices, road conditions and lack in traffic law enforcement. To try and tackle driving related issues for its own workforce, Excelsior Energy has decided to follow the lead of its Australian counterparts and introduce GPS monitoring/tracking to its Mongolian fleet of vehicles.

Also known as IVMS (in vehicle monitoring system), the introduction of this technology in Australia significantly reduced the number of driving related incidents in the CBM/CSG industry and elsewhere and is now compulsory in vehicles in some industries there. We hope to see similar improvements in driving behaviour and resulting employee safety in Mongolia as those experienced in Australia since the introduction of IVMS/GPS.

While some employees may see GPS monitoring/tracking as a surveillance measure too many, the benefits to companies and employees are evident:

Improved driver safety through behaviour monitoring and alerts for unsafe driving such as speeding, harsh braking and fatigue

  • Optimised fleet operations through routing and scheduling

  • Reduced fuel costs through fleet optimisation and improved driving behaviour

  • Improved search and rescue in remote areas through up-to-date data and distress modes

Although the technology is not yet a requirement in Mongolia, we hope to see our driving statistics providing a case study for improving road safety in the country’s maturing CBM/CSG industry in the near future.

By introducing GPS monitoring/tracking, Excelsior Energy is helping to make Mongolian roads safer for everyone and we are happy to lead the way.

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