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Christmas in Mongolia

With people from most European and Western cultures traditionally celebrating Christmas and New Year's in December, we know that for our colleagues in Mongolia this festive month does not necessarily hold the same significance.

Only in recent years has Christmas become more popular in Mongolia and is celebrated in similar ways as by lots of us in Australia, with homes decorated, gifts exchanged and celebrations with family and friends.

Apart from the significant contrast in seasonal weather (Mongolia’s cold versus Australia’s heat) there is also the other foods consumed on this special occasion, to name but one major difference. While Mongolians enjoy traditional dishes such as buuz (dumplings), khuushuur (fried pastries) and airag (fermented mare’s milk), Australians seem to heat up the “barbie” to roast their meats and fish on Christmas day.

Another major difference is the celebration of New Year’s which happens on a different day and in a different way. Following the lunar calendar, Mongolian New Year is celebrated on a new moon day towards the end of January or into February with festivities taking place over 3 days.

As the Christmas and New Year’s periods can cause some disruption to business, this extended period of celebration across the different countries in which we operate poses a significant challenge to us. With 365 - 24/7 operations par for the course, we have planned ahead to ensure we can provide our customers with “business as usual” while affording our staff a well-deserved break and time with their family.

Reinder being ridden by Mongolian child


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