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Mongolia's Naadam Festival

Happy Naadam Festival to all our Mongolian customers, partners and employees!

Монголын нийт харилцагч, хамтран ажилладаг түншүүд дээ мөн ажилчдадаа баяр наадмын мэндийг дэвшүүлье.

Stadium festivities
Naadam Festival in Mongolia

Dedicated to the 2232nd Anniversary of the establishment of the first Statehood in Mongolia, the 817th Anniversary of the Great Mongol Empire, 112th Anniversary of National Independence, and the 102nd Anniversary of the People's Revolution.

While Mongolia boasts an extensive calendar with National Holidays and other special events, none are considered as auspicious and unique as the annual, 3-day Naadam Festival, known as “three manly sports” or “the three games of men” (which includes archery, Mongolian wrestling and horse racing).

Taking place every year from 11 to 13 July in communities across the country, the Naadam Festival originated many centuries ago in Mongolia’s nomadic and warrior cultures to test courage, strength, daring, horsemanship and marksmanship.

With the biggest such event taking place in the country’s capital Ulaanbaatar, herdsmen from far and wide converge on the city to watch and take part in the manly sports. Winners are richly rewarded with admiration and respect.

Since 2010, Naadam is inscribed on UNESCo’s Representative to ensure the protection of this important intangible cultural heritage and increase awareness of the event’s significance.

If you’re around, be sure to attend one of the local events, as that’s where you’ll find the majority of the local population during this time!

Happy Naadam Festival everybody!

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