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The Advantages of Mongolia's Proximity to China

China continues to be a major supplier of products to both general consumers and large industry such as Oil & Gas and Mining.

Products stocked in warehouse

With Mongolia's close proximity to this behemoth producer of such a wide range of products, it only makes sense that we at Excelsior Energy also look at our next door neighbour for the provision of a number of products to offer to our customers.

After a rigorous process involving product and quality checks, we are now able to provide our local clients with additional quality stock items for their Oil &Gas and Mining operations.

To our standard products stocked in our Ulaanbaatar warehouse we have also added:

  • Float Shoes

  • Collars

  • Plugs 

The now readily available products are sure to greatly benefit our customers’ CBM exploration and drilling campaigns and Mongolia’s mining industry as a whole.

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