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Multipurpose Slimhole Intervention & Test Tool

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

To suit Mongolian well conditions we designed and built a multipurpose Slimhole Intervention & Testing Tool that is highly flexible in its application.

Yurts on Mongolian steppe

The tool incorporates a number of different components which individually or combined can fulfill a number of operations:

  • Conventional Inflow Drill Stem Testing (Permeability Data)

  • Injection Fall Off Testing (Permeability Data)

  • Diagnostic Fracture Injection Testing (Geotechnical)

  • Air Assisted Flow Testing (Productivity Indexing)

  • Micro Stimulations (Targeted formation stimulations, open hole & cased hole up to 3,000 psi)

  • Open hole bridge plug (suitable for monitoring wells and/or P&A applications)


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