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New Mechanical Drafting & 3D Prototype Printing Services

Joe Dunn joins Excelsior Energy as Grad Mechanical Engineer

Product development for the Oil & Gas industry has been at the heart of Excelsior Energy and predecessor Excelsior Oil Tools since the company’s humble beginnings. Following ongoing demand for new product development and the need for adapting existing tooling to new applications, Excelsior has expanded its team and would now like to welcome Grad Mechanical Engineer Joe Dunn.

Joe will be heading up Excelsior’s new Mechanical Engineering and Drafting unit to support our existing product development capabilities and help us expand into other industrial applications. Joe joins us after having taken a break from the CBM industry as a Field Supervisor to pursue other interests and attain a BA Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Having always had a great affinity for all things mechanical, and having previously worked in the industry, Joe appreciates the problems encountered by our clients. As such he can provide assistance with all stages of mechanical design, through to 3D printing of a prototype.

With the provision of these additional in-house CAD Drafting and 3D Printing services, we can help to significantly reduced turnaround times when providing fit-for-purpose solutions to our customers and it is the next step in our growing portfolio of inhouse services and capabilities.

Be sure to connect with Joe Dunn and reach out to the team on with your Mechanical Engineering, Drafting Design requirements or if you are in need of 3D printed prototypes.


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