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Stefan Federling

International Business Development Manager

After graduating from Industrial College with a focus on Manufacturing, I started my working life in the energy industry in 2009 as a CAD Technician.

Since then I have gained significant national and international experience working with cutting-edge technology available to and in the energy sector with my work taking me from Argentina to North America, the Middle East, Russia and Australia, to name but a few. During this time, I have been exposed to and gained experience of a wide range of installations, applications and stakeholders, always maintaining a close relationship with the oil field.

Between 2009 and 2023 I worked for some of Austria's leading digital oilfield technology companies and gained significant insight in and knowledge of the various development and commercialisation stages of technology used in well production optimisation and automation. Also during this time, I was able to hone my skills in Business Development and Sales, even covering Brand Management and Marketing.


While working in the energy industry, I have gained in-depth knowledge of product and technology commercialisation and have become recognised and widely respected by customers and my peers alike for my hands-on mentality and solution oriented work ethics.

Stefan Federling
What makes me tick...

Always wanting to learn more and continuing to challenge myself to help improve the efficiencies and sustainability of how we operate in the energy industry, is what keeps me coming back for more.

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