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Michael Siefert


Following completion of my BSc in Information Technology and starting my working life as a Field Technician in 2005, I joined the energy industry in 2009.

Since joining that industry in 2009 I have gained significant national and international experience working with cutting-edge technology available to and in the energy sector. My work has taken me across Australasia, North America and Africa and exposed me to a wide range of installations, applications and stakeholders.

Between 2011 and 2022 I worked for one of Australia's leading downhole gauge technology companies. During this time I gained significant insight and knowledge in the various development and commercialisation stages of cutting-edge technology used in well production optimisation.

Also during this time I was lucky enough to be able to start a family and with the help of my supportive wife, completed my MSc in Engineering Management.


Being able to leverage off my in-depth knowledge in product and technology commercialisation, I have become recognised and widely respected in the industry for my project management skills and project delivery abilities.


My skills and work ethics are evidenced through my extensive track record of managing and delivering multimillion dollar projects to some of the world's leading energy companies.

Michael Siefert
What makes me tick...

Motivated through my belief in responsible, sustainable and secure resource development that will support the energy needs for my children and generations to come, I founded Excelsior Energy in July 2022.

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