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Mandukhai Nanzad

CEO (Mongolia)

Following completion of my Bacherlor's of Business Adminsitration degree I have been involved with a number of local and international companies in a range of disciplines.

Having been exposed to different levels and aspects of doing business in Mongolia, I have gained significant experience in what makes a company tick and how to grow a business.

Throughout my career I have built an extensive network of local and international contacts and can rely on my solid commercial and corporate experience to meet the challenges a company faces when first establishing itself.

Mandukhai Nanzad
What makes me tick...

With a young family of my own, I am eager to help Mongolia tap in to its greener energy resources to allow the country to improve the air quality for us all to live in. I'm also passionate about helping to open doors for women, enabling them to become an equal partner around the business table.

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