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Glyn Weatherall

Well Engineer

20+ Years experience in various capacities working for Resource and Energy companies in Australia and overseas has left me a wealth of experience and applicable knowledge.

Having worked as a Geologist, Petroleum Engineer, Well Engineer, Drilling Engineer and Technical Manager, I've had the opportunity to lead the team or to "simply" be a member of such a team, in both junior and senior positions.

I've been able to rely on my extensive knowledge in a wide range of disciplines in my field of expertise to manage complex projects. Today, I can be called upon to manage the overall project workscope, including the planning and execution phases.

Whenever additional staff training or mentoring is required, complex well data analysis and advanced Well Test planning or execution is needed, I step up to the plate. I thrive under pressure and enjoy working with customers and colleagues alike.

Throughout my working life, I have enjoyed the challenges posed by the job and continue to learn and teach. The numerous papers I have published are a testament of my ongoing commitment to the industry and my work.

Glyn Weatherall
What makes me tick...

Combining my passions for geology and petroleum engineering gives me great satisfaction in my daily life. Topping that off with being able to present clients with actionable data is what I strive to achieve on every job that I do.

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