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Baasanbat Davaadorj

Business Development Manager (Mongolia)

With a Bacher's of Business Administration degree under my belt, I started my working life as Marketing Manager for Mongolia's Daily Post Newspaper.

Enjoying the challenges that come with establishing the marketing function, I have gained significant experience in this area, working for a number of companies in Mongolia.

Latterly, in my role as General Manager for Eznis Airways, I have been responsible for guiding and grow the business.

Through my extensive experience dealing with stakeholders at all levels, I have established myself as an excellent and fair negotiator and communicator.

Baasanbat Davaadorj
What makes me tick...

Apart from my passion for sports, I am also strongly committed to helping businesses reach their full potential. By relying on my laser focus and through the use of my interpersonal skills, I thrive on helping to drive the business forward.

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