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Excelsior Energy

Managing tomorrow's energy projects

Our business

Reshaping the energy industry

Excelsior Energy provides today's energy industry with a wide range of options for tomorrow's projects.

From the technical planning phase of well construction through to well completion, we believe we can help you make the right decision for your application. 

All our solutions are aimed at ensuring exploration, development and operation of the world's energy resources is conducted in a safe and sustainable manner.

Consultancy services


Need a fresh detailed well construction and completion planning and engineering approach for new and existing wells?


Looking for help planning well construction and workover options to suit all your various project objectives?


Wanting to use an AGILE project management approach tailored for your turnkey project in the energy sector?

Research & Development

Got a specific problem for which no apparent solution is currently on the market and you are lacking the staff?

Wellsite services

Our wellsite services include an extensive range of options for the conventional and unconventional energy industry, all of which can be supported either onsite or remotely.

Place your project in the the hands of our experienced staff to achieve the best outcome for your project.

Need all inclusive well testing during exploration drilling to establish well productivity and reservoir characterisation?

Looking for experienced wellsite support for the successful implementation of your intelligent or complex completion?

Wanting to contract an experienced wellsite representative to support your initial completion or workover campaign?

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