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Excelsior Energy

Managing tomorrow's energy, mining and construction projects

Our business

Reshaping the energy, mining and construction industries

Excelsior Energy provides today's energy, mining and construction industries with a wide range of options for tomorrow's projects.

Our products are suited for and used in conventional Oil & Gas, Coal Mining, Mineral Mining and Construction applications. These products are fully supported with appropriate manpower and additional general services such as Project Management, Supply Chain Management and Product Development.

From the technical planning phase of your project, through to project completion, we believe we can help you make the right decision for your project, with all our solutions aimed at ensuring exploration, development and operation of the world's resources is conducted in a safe and sustainable manner.

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Formation Testing & Stimulation

With applications for a wide range of industries, our flagship Formation Testing & Stimulation services are ideally suitable to determine what is happening below ground.

Icon representing Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas

Icon representing Coal Mining

Coal Mining


Icon representing Hard Rock and Mineral Mining

Hard Rock/ Mineral Mining

Icon representing Leech Mining

Leech Mining

Icon representing Water Reservoirs

Water Reservoirs

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Drill Stem Testing

Needing to determine formation pressure, skin and fluid flow characteristics? Our conventional DST services are suitable for use across a range of industries.

Injection Fall Off Testing

Struggling to find an alternative option because conventional DST is not possible? Our IFOT services may be the alternative solution you're looking for.

Diagnostic Fracture Testing

Wanting to determine a wide range of fracture and formation parameters? Diagnostic Fracture Injection Testing offers a wide range of applications.

Hydro Stimulations

Needing to increase productivity of target formations? Our Hydro Stimulations can assist breaking down rock integrity for the desired result.

Wellsite services

Our wellsite services include an extensive range of options for the conventional and unconventional energy industry, all of which can be supported either onsite or remotely.

Place your project in the the hands of our experienced staff to achieve the best outcome.

Looking for experienced wellsite support for the successful implementation of your intelligent or complex completion?

Needing an experienced wellsite representative to assist with your project remotely?

Wanting experienced personnel to help you scoping out and assist you with your commissioning project?

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General Services

Our suite of general services is aimed at helping you scope out your project and bring it to a successful completion. Talk to us to find the right level of support. 

Icon representing Project Management

Looking for professionals to facilitate your project, adhering to trialed and tested AGILE project management principles?

Icon representing Supply Chain Management

Need to be able to tap in to an extensive supply chain network to support your operations?

Product Development

The list of surface and subsurface tools in the energy sector is extensive, yet we continue to find gaps in the existing product lines for that one specific problem, that emerging application space, that set of tools that do not meet the price point, or that problem that has always been deemed too hard to solve.

At Excelsior Energy our motto is: “There is no problem that cannot be solved”.

With the assistance of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and a large resource pool of local and international machine shops, there is no problem big or small that cannot be solved.
Let us help you find, adapt or develop the best solution for your project through our extensive energy industry knowledge of product development, prototyping, destructive and non-destructive testing and field trials.


Needing (additional) resources to help create those innovations required to make the next business move?


Unable to move your project from identified requirement, through to concept and final realisation?


Wanting to have a real-life prototype sample of your concept before moving on to production?

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