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Well Engineering

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To ensure that a new or upgraded well meets the design criteria and performs as expected, we offer an extensive range of well commissioning services.

Following tried and tested, systematic methods and approaches, we can help perform a series of tests and inspections that will verify your well and its components are correctly installed, the equipment is functioning within spec and safely, and that the well’s production is at the desired rate and of the required quality. 

Our well commissioning services consist of the following:

  • Pre-commissioning activities include review of the well design and construction documents, development of a commissioning plan, and coordination with the construction team and other stakeholders.

  • Commissioning tests and inspections are conducted as a series of actions to verify the performance of the well, including:

  1. Inspection of the wellhead and other equipment to ensure that it is installed correctly and functioning properly.

  2. Pump testing to determine the well's yield and efficiency. 

  3. Water quality testing to ensure that the water meets the desired standards.

  • Commissioning reports provide a comprehensive document detailing the results of all tests and inspections carried out, as well as any recommendations for corrective action and/or future improvements.

Our well commissioning services are designed to help ensure that your new or upgraded well is performing at its best and can be operated safely. Contact our team of experienced and qualified professionals to discuss your well commissioning needs and let us help bring your assets (back) online.

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