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Wellsite Services

Technical knowledge across applications

Perm Testing

Permeability Testing

Excelsior Energy provides a wide range of permeability testing services for both conventional and unconventional wells. Depending on your requirements, the services can be tailored for onsite or remote operations.


  • Pre-mob detailed planning of test programs

  • Wireline log, core picture, daily drilling report reviews

  • Comprehensive field operations experience

  • Well control under testing conditions

  • Data modelling and interpretation

  • Resource reporting

Intelligent & Complex Completions

Excelsior Energy provides experienced completions specialists to successfully implement intelligent or complex completion for production optimisation and monitoring, including:

  • Reservoir or frac monitoring wells

  • Gas injection and storage wells

  • Multistage production wells

  • End-of-life well production stimulations

  • Wellsite tool preparations & inspections

  • Pressure control fit offs and testing

  • Factory Acceptance Testing & Quality Inspections

  • Wellsite diagnostics and investigations

Construction Engineers
Intel Completions
Rig-assist & Rigless

Rig-assist & Rigless Wellsite Supervision

Excelsior Energy can offer experienced and qualified wellsite representatives for rig-assist and rig-less intervention work scopes locally and internationally.


Wellsite representatives are essential to the successful execution of well projects as scoped out through well engineering documentation. They are responsible for the safe execution of operations onsite.

Our network includes highly experienced personnel in drilling and completions rig operations, as well as rig-less operations such as slicklines, wireline, E-line and coil operations.

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