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Andy van der Born

General Manager

With a lifetime of experience working as a Well Test Supervisor on a wide range of applications globally, I have learned the importance of me and my team members being able to complete the job competently and safely.

During my years working in the Oil & Gas industry, I have not only gained the competencies and skills required of a Supervisor/Manager, I have also learned how to set up and implement systems that will ensure people adhere to safe and efficient working practices. Making sure these are aligned with the goals of both the company I work for and the client is one of the challenges I revel in.

Having been intimately involved with establishing Field Operator training materials and providing hands-on training where needed, I know what it takes to get people up to speed with the requirements of the job. My experience integrating training systems with companies' existing safety and operational processes has given me a deep understanding of all aspects of the day-to-day running of a business.

My technical knowledge helps me when communicating with the client and operational people on site to ensure expectations are met, and often exceeded. I believe that ensuring operational systems are in place and adhered to is essential to the smooth running of any business.

Andy van der Born
What makes me tick...

I consider it my mission to share and impart my 35 years' of knowledge and experience of all things Oil & Gas with people across the industry. Being able to demonstrate and impart the importance of safe working practices and all this entails, is what gets me to work every day.

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