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Consultancy Services

Technical support at all levels

Well Engineering
Well Drill

Well Engineering

At Excelsior Energy we can provide cradle to grave well engineering services, from well construction and completions to well abandonment engineering.


Engineering packages include well specific or campaign programs and schematics tailored to well objectives and unique requirements.


Careful consideration is given to the local regulatory requirements, industry practices and specifications, and client specific obligations.


Engineering designs also take into consideration resource requirements and limitations, such as rig availabilities and capabilities, third party service availability and proficiency and environmental factors, such as weather conditions, lease accessibility and ground conditions.


Contact us today to discuss your requirements for your next drilling, workover or abandonment campaign.

FEED Studies

Feasibility studies and planning in well construction and completions is the first key element in successful long term well exploration and production.


At Excelsior Energy we provide all-inclusive technical planning services from cradle to grave projects, or focused planning services for special completion requirements, such as pilot wells, complex reservoir or frac monitoring wells, gas injection and storage wells, multistage production wells and end of life well production stimulations.


We also provide technical reviews of existing completions or completion plans to provide feedback on opportunities for improvement.


With many years of experience in complex well monitoring and completions projects, we believe that there is an optimum solution for every application.

Contact us to discuss your feasibility study requirements.

Construction Engineers
FEED Studies
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Project Mangement

Excelsior Energy utilises the AGILE project management principles to facilitate optimum project development in the energy sector.


Following these principles, we provide the complete package from budget forecasting, procurement, operations scheduling, quality control combined with our wellsite services.


Clients can expect weekly updates throughout each phase of the project, daily review and update of project documentation leading to full transparency throughout the project life cycle.


Documentation packages include project objective summary with key stakeholders and a daily log, procurement schedule and Gantt Chart, optional budget forecast and operations schedule with Gantt Chart.


Project Management is a core discipline at Excelsior Energy, which governs our overall business strategy and principles.


Contact us now to discuss how Excelsior Energy can help you manage your next project.

Project Management

Research & Development

The list of surface and subsurface tools in the energy sector is extensive, yet we continue to find gaps in the existing product lines for that one specific problem, that emerging application space, that set of tools that do not meet the price point, or that problem that has always been deemed too hard to solve.

At Excelsior Energy our motto is: “There is no problem that cannot be solved”.


With the assistance of mechanical and electrical engineers and a large resource pool of local and international machine shops, there is no problem big or small that cannot be solved.


Let Excelsior Energy help you find, adapt or develop the best solution for your project through extensive energy industry knowledge in product development, prototyping, destructive and non-destructive testing and field trials.


Contact us today to discuss your requirements for subsurface and surface tools.

Mechanical Engineer
Research & Development
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